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A Good Anti Virus Software helps keep your system trouble free

Do not neglect the use of it.



Protect Your Computers from Virus

Always keep your computers / laptops protected against virus. 
If you observe something unusual all of sudden on your PC then it may be due to some virus. It may happen even in the presence of an anti virus already on your computer. In this case you will need to check your system in detail and re-install the anti-virus, clean the PC. 

You may use a free version of AVIRA or AVAST Anti-Virus. This free version is fine for a basic level protection. However, if you are a professional or business user then you should buy a licensed version.

Licensed version gets itself updated from time to time about new virus and threats and provide many other features which are not available in free version.

Please do not use pirated or cracked versions of any anti virus software. These will not do good for you and your business

 Download Avira (Free Version) 

 Download Avast (Free Version) 

If you face any problem in downloading you can contact us and we will send you the appropriate link for download.

 Don't let your computer be a Virus victim
Always use an Anti Virus Software.

Free Version is good for basic protection.

If you need more than basic protection then buy and use licensed version of the Anti Virus Software.

Do not use Pirated or CrackedVersion of the Anti Virus.

Avoid using Flash drives for data copying from other computers unless it is very necessary. Scan the flash drives for any kind of infection or virus before use.

Do not give your Flash drives to un-authorized persons for use.

Be careful in using free software, games, free websites, online chat.

Do not immediately open Email attachments received from unknown sources. Check if it is from a valid source.

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